The Kingmaker

The A Team: Sail Away (April 5, 2015)

Using Elderon’s STORM KEY, the group travels to Tien-Ko so Elderon can exchange some of his irridium but a storm there has closed most of the shops including the bank. Porting back home, the travelers decide to sail to Absalom via the WHISPERING WIND. Two days from port a ship with black flags is seen on the horizon behind the WHISPERING WIND. Elderon summons a wind to increase the speed of the ship but for a time the ship on the horizon keeps pace until just before dark where it slips behind the horizon. The next day four more ships are seen in passing coming from the direction of Absalom with white sails on their masts moving at a good clip. The crow’s nest identifies one ship as LADY LUCK. The captain sends a carrier bird over to inquire about Absalom and the weather. The bird soon returns with news that the ports in the country of Qadira are closed but the weather is fair. In return, the crew of the WHISPERING WIND warn those on the LADY LUCK that a black sailed ship was sighted and to be careful. The rest of the trip in uneventful.

Upon docking the in Absalom the party goes to their bank to remove half of their funds (5000 platinum) with Steven (the banker) help. Next off they go to their shop and inquire about business. Zenia asks about the war between Taldor and Qadira. Their shopkeeper explains about the war between the two countries and how Taldor controls half of Qadira from the border to the mountains.



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