Glorbash-Do-Chu (Deceased)

The Brains The Brawn, well not really the brains


Name: Glorbash-Do-Chu
Age: 26
Height and weight: 7.6’ / 325lbs
Eyes: 1 white 1 red
Hair: Black
Alignment: Neutral
Class: BAMF Barbarian/Armored Hulk
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: The Hold of Belkezin


When Glorbush-Do-Chu was born he was born into a family of the slums. They were Slum lords, when Glorbush was only 10 years old he watched as his parents drowned in their own blood by an “unhappy Customer”. Glorbush was driven mad by grief he joined in the ranks of the Orc army starting from the lower orc parties all the way to Field General in the Hold of Belkezin. During the many wars he fought in he lost his left pinkie and became very powerful. One day when he and his party stumbled on a house it was a Half Elf Manor. Overcome by greed and the uncertain magic guarding the house Glorbash and his party slaughtered the Elves and took their valuables while they were asleep the orcs overpowered Glorbash and took the valuables. After realizing what he had done he headed to Magnimar and drank his night away. During his mead spree he got into a fight with the local bard Lance Dragonshot. He was then in search of a path finder society. He found one in Tol-Ivrengond. He then was sent on a quest with Lance to get some treasure from a burial mound for a Fair Maiden. Once he completed his quest he spent his time training in the Citadel. Glorbash was killed by a glave prying gems off of a statue

Glorbash-Do-Chu (Deceased)

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