Government: Monarchy Ruler: Tel-Kan Jain-Lee rides Serentity Matriarch of cloud dragons 054409-simple-red-glossy-icon-natural-wonders-star3.png
Location: Currently floating above Avistan Currency: Gold, Platinum, Iridium (Iridium is 20 Plats to 1 Iridium)
Race: tian’ren

Tian-Ko runs on a caste system:
Tel-Kan: Ruler of Tian-Ko Direct descendant of Titan Taruvek
Au-Sang: High order the Tian’ren’s judges and high administrators
Mei-Sing: Made up of Tian’ren nobles and merchants
Se-Ving: They are the general population
Mu-Vung: low or servant class they perform all the manual labor on Tian-Ko

Tian’ren are said to be the offspring of a union of a Nymph named Belindra and a Titan named Taruvek. The city was established to watch over Golarion and protect it from demon infestation. Over the years that purpose has been set aside and decadence has consumed the sky people.

Notable People
Lian-Lee: Wife of Jain-Lee
Han-Lee: Son of Jain-Lee
Rian-lu: Au-Sang Storm rider commander
Ba-san – Librarian Mages College
Elim-Vu – Janitor
TaRue-Pin – Merchant Lord
Esaum (Vanaras) – Warrior Monk
ReeKu – Patriarch of Cloud Dragons

Li-sing – Armor Smith Elementium
Tez-Xan – Weapon Smith – Elementium
Illthor – Arcane
Ni-Wing – Alchemist
Ju-Li – Gadgets
Wa-Fin – Tailor


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