Thron (formerly Nidal)

Government: Heriditary Monarchy Ruler: Sebastian Cross Thron.png
Capital City: Newcastle (formerly Pangolias)

Country Layout:
Thron is dived into five Dukedoms

  • Cross – King Sebastion Cross
  • Covington – Grand Duchess Bethany Covington
  • Tasset – Grand Duke Martin Tasset
  • Miller – Grand Duke James Miller
  • Darwin – Grand Duke Raidriar Darwin
  • Umbral wastes – forbidden land

Chief resources:


For thousands of years Nidal has suffered under the rulership of Zon-Kuthon until one pivotal moment when a Holy Paladin named Raidriar Darwin told Sebastion Cross minor Umbral lord and vigilante known as “Wraith” I can command one person to do anything how can I free all the slaves in Nidal. To which Sebastion responded well you could tell Zon-Kuthon to leave Dou-Bral and go back to where he came from. Raidriar immediately issued the command to Zon-Kuthon who had no choice but to obey. The now freed Dou-Bral instantly exacted his revenge on the Kuthite religion wiping all practitioners off the face of the planet. Iomede sent her herald and a host of angels to protect the country while Sheylen and Desna worked their will to heal the people as well as the countryside. Saranea seeing that all the priest had vanished leaving the country without healers immediately dispatched priests to establish free centers for healing.

Thron was happy to celebrate the crowning of his royal highness King Sebastian Cross and the appointments of its new government. Followed quickly by a first milestone by establishing diplomatic ties with Magnimar in an agreement of mutual support. This fast action by Magnimar to recognize them coupled with the fact the countries savior and national treasure the beloved Raidriar Darwin is a ruler of that nation as well has lead to a a feeling of love and brotherhood toward Magnimar matched only by its own people. Wether or not the citizens of Magnimar feel the same way about Thron remains to be seen.

Notable Locations
Darwins Landing (formerly Orolos Quay)

Notable Citizens:
Francesca Cuthbert

Legend: Orange – Cross / Green – Miller / Yellow – Tasset / Pink – Covington / Blue – Darwin / Red – Umbral wastes forbidden zone

Thron (formerly Nidal)

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