Government: Hereditary Monarchy Ruler: Emperor Malcom Holbrook
Capital City: Oppara

Country Layout: Taldor consists of its self and its vassal states Galt & Qadira
Chief resource: Taldor primary resource is timber from its expansive forests & Ore

History: Until recently Taldor was in decline having succumb to its extensive bureaucracy and the decadence of its Grand Prince Stavian III until Taldors savior Malcolm Holbrook the son of Gustave Holbrook a family line long thought dead came and freed it from its lethargy and restored the forests and people to prosperity. The new Emperor then turned his eyes north and saved the people of Galt from their destructive nature by bringing order to their Government and civilization to the masses. Taldor has recently razed Katheer the capital city of Qadira and added most of the country to what is now being called the Taldorian Collective. The war is raging on but it Qadira’s fall seems inevitable



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