Government: Hereditary Monarchy Ruler: King Stagro

Salomar is a city state run by the centaur race inside the area known as the mushfens

Chief resource: Salomar’s primary resource is game from its abundant herds of buffalo and elk plus ore from its mines and lumber from the forest that boarder its edges

History: Founded by King Salomar 200 years ago the city has flourished in relative isolation.

Description: A large medieval style castle surrounded by a moat filled with green brackish water. The city sits on a small hillock that overlooks the surrounding plains.




Fairweather Shops
Pavilion of Strength – Black Smith, Arms and Armor
Pavilion of Quickness – Tailoring, Leatherworking
Leatherworker – Jacynth
Pavilion of the Wild – Animal Husbandry & Management
Master Druid – Horemheb
Pavilion of Magic –
Pavilion of Wonder – Engineering, Sculpting, Art
Master Engineer – Trephas

Notable Locations

Notable Citizens
Princess Megaera
Crown Prince Phytos
Master Druid Vanora
Queen Archala


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