Raidriar's Magical Metal Shop


Owner: Grand Duke Raidriar Darwin
Chief Blacksmith: Winthony Pyrotron
Assistant Blacksmith: Dr. Boom

Description: The shop is stone and wood standing over 3 stories tall it is an intimidating site outside there is a small forge with blacksmith station chock full of aprentices vieing for your business in making small goods or performing quick repairs. Inside you are greeted by Winthony and Benson formerly of Kaer Maga who are renowned craftsmen in Varisa.

History: The forge’s opening ceremony was one of the most attended in the history of Magnimar. Toy swords and shields distributed to all children free food and drink with fireworks that lasted for hours capped off by a Golden Dragon swooping in to ceremoniously light the main forge.


Raidriar's Magical Metal Shop

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