Government: Hereditary Monarchy Ruler: Emperor Malcom Holbrook
Capital City: Far Reach

Country Layout: Qadira is a vassal state to Taldor
Chief Resource: Farm lands, spices & extensive trade routes

History:An ancient kingdom of arid deserts and exotic cities, Qadira was the westernmost satrapy ofthe Padishah Empire of Kelesh. All along the seacoasts, the ships of Qadira ply their trade, carrying goods brought by camel, caravan, and f lying carpet from lands farther east: silks, spices, and salt, as well as the exotic
magical luxuries for which Qadira is so well known. Qadira is not the wealthiest of lands in the Keleshite empire, but even its relatively enormous frontier cities possess marvels that much of Avistan can only wonder at, from its peacocks and flowering trees to its animated siege engines and well disciplined elemental mercenaries. After Several hundred years of war a fragile peace was brokered with Taldor this peace had been intact for 200 years before being broken by Emperor Malcom Holbrook who led an army of golem, soldiers and magical siege engines against the capital city of Katheer. Which has now been razed to the ground. Some rumors say it was outside forces that ushered in Katheers demise. But Taldor was quick to claim the territory from Taldor’s souther border down to the Zho Mountains adding it to what is now being called the Taldorian Collective. In the following weeks though Qadirian forces attempted to retake the north they were defeated and finally surrendered when their ruler Satrap Xerbystes II was violently killed by Master Engineer Xin in a battle outside Sedeq this brought Qadira fully under Taldor’s control



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