Magnimar (District)

Magnimar also known as the city of monuments built in the shadow of the ire-span Magnimar started as a refuge for people escaping Chelaxian rule in Korvosa. Magnimar has had its ups and downs recently being the site of an incursion of the forces of Lamishu. The city has recently evolved into a country of its own incorporating the isle of Tol-ivrengond and starting a daring rebuild of the ire-span

Governor: Mitchell Jansen

Treasury Holds most of the wealth of the city
Banker: Francis
Description: A Stone building with no windows Security here is very high no weapons allowed.private rooms to meet in as well as personal bankers.

Glassworks Guild of Magnimar
The Gallows – Thieves Guild
Pathfinder Society

The Cockatiel:
Description: a stone building in the Capital District they are known for their very high end establishment offering all the best in service and comfort for a price. The PC’s have provided a number of high end glass products that adorn the establishment
The Wanderer:
Owners – Anne & Paul
Staff- Patrick, Claire, & Maude
Description: A Wooden building in the Naos district. The Wanderer has a homey feel to it. the inside is well cared for the staff is made up entirely of the children or grandchildren of the owners Anne & Paul.

Art’s Grub & Grog:
Barkeep – Art
Bouncer – O’Leary
Description: Ramshackle building located in the Beacon Point district. The ale is watered down and the food is deadly. The alley way here has been visited many a time by sick patrons some say it is scared for life. The establishment offers a few gambling tables for those willing to risk their money and possibly their winnings.
Morts Tavern & Gambling House:
Owner: Mort
Description: A wooden establishment located in the Naos district: Well cared for and clean, they have an active nightlife with live music a medium sized gambling parlor and an upstairs brothel. The Ale is tasty and made here in the city this place is famous to locals for its spiced mutton stew.
The Hole in the Wall Tavern:
Barkeep – Maggie
Description: a small wooden building haphazardly sandwiched between two large warehouses in the Dosckway district. Well cared for and clean a favorite of many of the dockworkers who like to stop here on a way home for a pint of its Magnimar Red Ale.
The Wandering Minstrel:
Prostitutes- Johnny Horsecock
Description: a three story stone building located in the Capital district. This place is very luxurious boasting a large high end brothel and a very extensive gambling house. They are famous for there many high end games including the famed "Kings game: where leaders are known to show and flash their fortunes.

Pings Tian Cuisine
Owner: Ping
Staff: Jin-Jin
Description: Set in a residential area of the Naos district known as little Tian. This restaurant looks like it stepped straight out of Tian an outdoor establishment it has paper lanterns and well cared for furniture. Famous for its Tian cuisine many people will travel here not only for the food but to leave offerings at the Golden Dragon fountain which is said to bestow luck on any that leave an offering for a time.

Petite Wolverine & Horrible Thief Inn
Owner: Cosen Ironweaver
Description: Set in the Keystone District the brick building used to be a jail before it was converted into a restaurant and tavern. The Tavern is known for having super large portions of meats from the mwangi expanse. The Inn was added later to give the patrons that had slipped into a food coma a place to sleep it off

Beacon’s Point Bazaar Shops:
Alabard’s Magic Emporium
Owner: Alabard
Staff: Clifford
Description: Bright red building with a sign that is painted with the symbol of Nethys well known to the locals as an excellent all purpose magic shop.

Miltons Dry Goods
Owner: Milton & Barbara
Description: Small general store with both exotic and mundane items.

Bruce’s Armory
Owner: Bruce
Description: Open air blacksmith shop you can hear the ring of the anvil from a block away

Raidiar’s Magical Metal Shop
Owner: Grand Duke Raidriar Darwin
Chief Blacksmith: Winthony Pyrotron
Assistant Blacksmith: Benson Whizbanger
Description: The shop is stone and wood standing over 3 stories tall it is an intimidating site outside there is a small forge with blacksmith station for making of small things or quick repairs. Inside you are greeted by a horde of blacksmith apprentices and the most impressive forge in Varisa if not the world.

Miss Carmin’s dress shop
Owner: Heather Carmin
Staff: June, Ester
Description: A two story shop filled with good to very fine dresses it is known as the best place in the region to go for dresses whether you be working class or noble.

W.H. Smiths Outfitters
Owner: William Henry Smith
Description: The store has a manly rugged look to it with stuffed bears flanking the doors and everything done in dark wood and iron. The shop is known by gentlemen as the best place to go to be outfitted for any type of adventure whether it be urban or country based. It shares its location with a small barbershop.

Mugs & Potions
Owner: Karis Trellorn
Shopkeep: Pollander
Description: This shop is painted white with a golden sign depicting a potion being poured into a mug. If you stare at it long enough you will see illusionary hands actually poor the potion into the mug before it rests. The inside of the shop is done all in expensive hardwood with lovely details.

Owner: Rupert
Description: Pink and white painted outside with the inside whitewashed to look clean and neat.

Dusk Alley Shops:
Three Broomsticks
Owner: Bulbina
Description: Building is overrun with weeds the windows are partially boarded up the only thing that identifies this as a shop is the single hanging sign with a picture of three broom sticks. You can smell the lingering scent of decay as you enter the shop and make your way through the crowded and overhanging stacks to the back corner where the shop keeps sits.

Fordus’s Elixers
Owner: Fordus Sabad
Description: An old cauldron that eternally has smoke wafting out of it serves as a sign. Green light emanates from the windows that flank the door a variety of scents assault your senses as you push open the door and head for the shop counter. Behind the counter sits a old man with big bushy eyebrows. Beyond him you can see goblins at work mixing cauldrons filled with different colored potions.

Notable Locations
Trellorn and Associates
Harbor Home
Pathfinder Lodge Heidmarch Manor

Notable Citizens:
Lars Finley
Kate Thorton

Magnimar (District)

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