Magnimar (Country)

Government: Oligarchy Ruler: Council of Nine Magnimar_Symbol.jpg
Capital City: Tol-Ivrengond

Council of Nine: Eldaron Trellorn, Raidriar Darwin, Sylari, Zenia Avenia, Karis Trellorn, Hua Biltan, Wibbok, Ellasaria, Gandaran Plint

Governors for each of the districts are chosen every five years. The people of the district will choose two other candidates, aside from the current Governor, to submit to the council, then the council will go through their selection process and choose the next Governor.

Country Layout: The Capitol is made up of three districts Magnimar, Tol-Ivrengond and Ire-Span the country itself encompases a large part of Varisa from the mushfen border to the base of the Storval plateau and easy till the city of Harse

Chief resource: Finished goods and trade based on being the middle man, has timber, ore and fish.

Allies: Bureem, Mithril Halls, Thron

Embassy Locations: Taldor

Notable Cities:
Lady’s Light
Kaer Maga

Magnimar (Country)

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