Lady's Light

Description: This is the home of the Feasting Brothers an arm of the Magnimar military and part of Magnimar’s southern legion The lady’s light is a large lighthouse built in the image of Rune Lord Sorshen. The tower has been cleaned out and the feasting brothers have turned it into a military encampment. A small city has sprung up around the Lady’s Light as the surrounding area continues to be improved.


Feasting Brothers supply depot
Description: This stout building made of stone from the lady’s light has iron bars on the windows and stout doors.
Quartermaster: Trevor Young

Notable Locations:
The Wandering Pussy
Owner: Iulus Moorgath
Description: This house of ill repute has a simple sign that displays a pink cat sitting with a diamond necklace around its neck. The building is painted white with bright red trim and women can often be seen hanging out of the windows or lounging on the upper outdoor terrace displaying their “wares”

The Drunken Mule
Owner: Alennius Plowman
Description: Plain sign of a mule laying on its back with its feet in the air. The outside is plain unadorned wood and the inside isnt much better. Sawdust on the floor and dark booths. There is some gambling and at nights you can hear some rowdy drinking songs.

Shelyn’s shrine
Description: a simple garden with a statue of the goddess Shelyn in its center surrounded by benches. When entering the garden the sounds of the city are covered by the sounds of playing music that emanate from the statue. The shrine was erected by The Fearless Defenders

Notable Citizens:
Michael Foss Commander of the Feasting Brothers
Melissa Young
Engineer Caelthalas Elbernarian
Druid Vanisia Padran

Lady's Light

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