Goddess of honor, justice, rulership, and valor

Alignment: LG

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War

Favored Weapon: longsword

Centers of Worship: Absalom, Andoran, Bureem, Cheliax, Galt, Lastwall, Magnimar, Mendev, Molthune, Nirmathas, Sargava

High Priest / Priestess: First Sword Knight of Iomedae

Obedience: Hold your primary weapon in gfront of you and hang a holy symbol of Iomedae from it. Kneel while focusing on the holy symbol, pray for guidance and protection from the inheritor, and swear to follow her teaching. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Diplomancy and Knowledge (nobility) checks.

Holy Texts: The acts of Iomedae

Heralds: Hand of the Inheritor, Jingh, Peace through Vigilance, Saint Lymirin


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