Government: Hereditary Monarchy Ruler: Emperor Malcom Holbrook
Govenor: Quintus Vex Head of Grey Gardeners: Shalynn Cowen
Capital City: Isarn

Country Layout: Galt is a vassal state to Taldor
Chief Resource: Expansive forests for timber and food from its open plains perfect for farming

History: Until recently Galt had existed in a perpetual state of revolution until Quintus Vex who was head of the Grey Gardeners at the time saw in his great wisdom that the Great Emperor Malcom Holbrook could free us from lawlessness and indecisiveness he assisted our Emperor in laying siege to Isarn and executing the revolutionary council and bringing blessed stability and civilization to the land of Galt. Quintus was rewarded for his foresight by becoming our esteemed Governor he they raised his second in command Shalynn Cowen who was also instrumental in the bringing of our savior to the head of the state police the Grey Gardeners.



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