Goddess of freedon and luck

Alignment: CG

Domains: chaos, good, liberation, luck, travel

Favored Weapon: starknife

Centers of Worship: Kyonin, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Numeria, the River Kingdoms, the Steaming Sea, Thron, Ustalav, Varisia

High Priest / Priestess: ??

Obedience: Dance in a random pattern beneath the light of the stars, trusting in the guidance of destiny. If no stars are currently visible, softly sing or chant all of the names of stars you know as you perform your dance. Let you mind expand and turn you thoughts away from where you feet might land allowing your steps to fall where chance wills. When the dance feels complete, cease dancing. Ponder the steps you took and the position which you stopped, and consider what portents these subtle clues might hold for the future. Gain and +! luck bonus on initiative checks and a +4 sacred bonus on perception checks made to determine whether you are aware of opponents just before a surprise round.

Holy Texts: The Eight Scrolls

Heralds: Nightspear, Sorrowbrand, The Night Monarch


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