Darwins Landing

Description: Perched on a cliff side overlooking the ocean. The City and its Keep are new the people are friendly and open.

Taverns & Inn’s:
Surly Jacks Tavern

Home of the Knights of the Dawn

Temples / Shrines:
Iomede: First Sword Knight Lafranke
White washed building that is made of a sturdy stone

Desna: Cliffside standing stone

Shelyn / Dou-Bral: Priestess Pollandra

Gozreh: A large windmill that overlooks the sea

Notable People:
Master Engineering Telonicus

History: Formerly A old hamlet that had been turned into a smugglers den. the city was reborn and is now a shining example of what all of Thron hopes to achieve. The town has recently had a land grab and is currently still in a late building stage.

Darwins Landing

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