Master Engineer of Taldor


Race: Human (Azlanti) Age:11,238 (died -6420 AR)
Hair: None Eyes: None

Standing 14 feet tall and made entirely of a golden metal laced with adamantine and covered with powerfull runes Xins body pulses with runic power made manifest as blue arcing sparks that cascade up and down his limbs and torso. He sports a double set of arms and face that looks like a dome covered in blue mist when he looks at you you see yellow almond shaped eyes peering at you from inside the mist.


Founding of Thassilon
Xin was a powerful Azlanti wizard who believed that the Azlanti should work together with other races in Avistan and create an even greater empire than the one found on Azlant. His ideas were declared heretical by the ancient mystics who ruled that lost continent, and he was exiled along with his followers. They made the perilous journey across the Arcadian Ocean, landing on what is now known as Hollow Mountain and founding the settlement of Xin-Bakrakhan.
Though exact dates from the time before Earthfall are hard to gauge exactly, it is believed that Xin began the formation of the Thassilonian Empire in the latter days of the Age of Legend, around -6530 AR. Xin quickly expanded to the east, coming into conflict with local human and elven tribes living in what is now Varisia. These peoples did not resist him for long, fearing Xin for his powerful magic, but also seeing the technological advances an alliance with him could bring. Within a short time, Xin had founded not only the state of Bakrakhan, but also those of Edasseril (on today’s Ironbound Archipelago), Cyrusian (in Southmoor and northwestern Varisia), Eurythnia (southern Varisia), and Shalast (central and northern Varisia).
Rule of Thassilon
He helped to create not only his empire but many orders of knights and wizards, even helping foster monastic orders. His goal was to create a civilised paradise within his empire. To do this Xin bargained with mighty and powerful creatures, ancient dragons and inscrutable outsiders. These creatures granted knowledge of rune magic, said by some to be the language of creation itself, and worship of the goddess of rune magic Lissala. Xin used this knowledge in many aspects of day-to-day life within Thassilon
Xin’s Death
Xin lived longer than your average man ruling till the age of one hundred and ten. His death was as exceptional as his life. As he aged, Old Xin (as he was called in his final years), started losing his grip over the realm and his magical abilities. Rather than succumbing to the ravages of age or disease he was consumed by his own magics which immolated himself and his would-be killer in crimson flames in -6420 AR and destroyed much of his palace.
Xin’s Rebirth
With the reforming of the Sihedron Xin was reborn and his island palace resurfaced from beneath the waves. A group of adventures entered the palace and defeated Xin trapping him inside a soul jar and placing the jar in a vault deep inside the earth.Calistra Demarkey an agent of Emperor Malcom Holbrook stole the jar and brought Xin back to life by placing his soul inside his current golem body. Xin currently serves as Master Engineer of Taldor where he has put his mastery of mechanics and runic magic to work. Xin led the golum forces against Qadira after many battles he faced and defeated Satrap Xerbystes II at the battle of Sedeq


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