Winthony Pyrotron

Blacksmith, Sorcerer, Inventor


Race: Gnome Age: 42
Hair: Blue Eyes: Green
Class: Sorcerer
Hometown: Magnimar (formerly Kaer Maga)
Business: Raidriar’s Magical Metal Shop

Winthony always has a twinkle in his eye and spring in his step nothing gets him down for long


Winthony grew up in Brastlewark a sorcerer’s apprentice he excelled at his studies but always felt that something was missing. Not content to just wiggle his fingers or read from tomes he wanted to make a real difference. He thought what if I could use magic to help everyone. So he started inventing ideas to infuse magic into the mundane. The only problem was he couldn’t find anyone willing to make his inventions, his requests to turn his magical inventions into actual working prototypes was always met with the typical “Your insane” or “That is way to dangerous” This would not do. So he took up metalwork. Blacksmithing seemed to come easy to him of course there were a few minor setbacks in the form of minor shop explosions he bounced around from smith to smith learning the trade. Eventually he setup a small operation in Kaer Maga. His shop did fairly well for itself until what is known in Kaer Maga as “The waffling” got him run out of town. Apparently sentient waffle makers that would roam the city selling fresh made waffles wasn’t the best idea. Let’s just say that many brave souls still carry the burn marks associated with fighting a horde of waffle makers bent on ruling the city. At any rate when his good friend Randal Shopinski told him Grand Duke Raidriar Darwin was going to open a blacksmith shop and needed a head blacksmith Winthony jumped at the chance to start over. He swears no more sentient items! Well waffle makers at least ….

Winthony Pyrotron

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