The Huntsman


Race:Human Age:30primelogo.jpg
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Class: Cleric (healer) Alignment: CN

Physical Description & Characteristics:


She is a cleric in the service of Nethys and as a result is a bipolar doctor who decides how she will act by flipping a coin. She was originally a man but got changed into a female by drawing form the deck of many things. She doesnt like spending gold on trivial items, even storage for her gold! As a soldier in the Empire she is forced to obey the orders of her decurion Desmond Ashgaze, a fact she dislikes tremendously.

Her most hated enemy depends on who pissed her off the most that day and what side of the coin she is on.
She wields the sword Nova, a sentient sword who has alot of unknown powers, ranging from meteor strikes to blinding people in the vicinity.


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