Chamberlain of House Trellorn


Race: High Goblin Age: 22
Hair: None Eyes: Brown
Class: Spymaster Alignment: Neutral
Hometown: Magnimar

He stands 3 foot 6 and has a practiced look of boredom or indifference.


Twix was born in Magnimar he spent his short life on the streets where he ran the information racket for The Gallows Twix never really cared for life outside the law but as a Goblin he was never given a chance. So he embraced his calling and garnered favors and informants across the whole of Golarion. One day a chance encounter put him in contact with Karis Trellorn after doing a favor for her which to this day he will not speak about. Karis told him to name his price he took a chance and told her of his dream to be reputable and not live his life outside the law. Karis did not hesitate and named him her Chamberlain. Twix has proven an immeasurable asset using his influence and network to further the goals of not only Karis but Sandworks Imports and Magnimar as well.


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