Captian John Smith

A famously unlucky gentleman out for adventure!


Real name: Lord Thomas Fredrick Wainwright
Race: Charau-ka ( formerly Human: Taldan) Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Age: 27
Hair color: blond Eye color:Green
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class Magus (greensting slayer)
Place of birth: Oppara, Taldor


Tom Wainwright was born in Oppara as the second son of a Taldan noble, Benjamin Wainwright, where he lived happily with his many siblings. During this time he was schooled in fencing and learned at some of the best schools of magic money could buy all over he inner sea. At the age of 18, knowing that his more serious older brother Gerald would inherit the family when his father grew old, took his stipend, kissed his family goodbye and left to find adventure!

Tom spent the next seven years seeing the world, working as a hired sword, and delving into dungeons. Unfortunately, while doing a job in Pangolias ( now New Castle) he came under question by the Silent Shroud being accused of being a spy for Taldor and was subjected to torture in prison by the Kuthites.

Tom was freed when Raidriar Darwin and Sebastian Cross formed the nation of Thron (formerly Nidal) where he was found in Surly Jacks Tavern and joined The B Team and later the Fearless Defenders.

On his adventures in the Shackles, Tom came back to Magnimar for a short time and while he was there he bought The Yari of the NeverMen from Bulbina the Witch. When he drew this weapon he became invisible, but when he reappeared he was a Charau-ka! After this event he realized it was cursed and would be like this until he found a way to reverse it.

Captian John Smith

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