Thran Ironfist

The Huntsman


Race:Duergar Age:?? primelogo.jpg
Hair:Blonde Eyes: Yellow
Class:?? Alignment:??

Physical Description & Characteristics: Standing 4’7 and 250lbs his portly body disguises his cunning grace and nature, upon close inspection you will see the devotion of Norgorber adorns his body as well as the scars a bear has left from a previous encounter


Thran was born into a middle class a middle class family and lived under his Mother who was a master farmer and his father who was unknown was an assassin from what he was told. One night Norgorber reached from the shadows and told Thran about his father and that he could surpass his father in becoming an ultimate assassin, as soon as this happened Thran realized his purpose in life was to kill and receive payment from individuals. One night Thran snuck into the house of an officer of the Qun army and was told that the only way to repay this offense without death was to serve the empire. So the Dwarf was thrown into the hull of a ship with the three other associates

Thran Ironfist

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