Thanian Strix / Calbough

Rune Crafter / Mastersmith


Human Name: Thanian Strix 
Dragon Name: Calbough
Alias: Strix 
Race: Dragon / Human
Born: 2078 Age: 2,629


Calbough was born of a impossible union of a two Chromatic Dragons one black and one green.  After Calbough hatched he looked green which allowed him to stay with his mother but as he started to mature his visage started to streak with black scales that is when his mother knew something was wrong and attacked.  Calbough was able to escape down into a hole in the earth that was small enough his mother could not pursue.  Calbough spent a number of years moving through the Darklands when he stumbled upon the vault of Deep Tolguth.  Here in the teeming jungles and swamps Calbough made his home.  There was nothing here able to challenge Calbough so he thrived in relative safety. After many centuries of ruling over Deep Tolguth even if he wanted to leave Calbough was much to large and was as much prisoner as ruler. Calbough possessing the powers of both the green and black stumbled across something he had never seen before.  A Dwarf, an old blind Dwarven Magus named Kinblarn to be exact.  Instead of eating Kinblarn, Calbough took him back to his lair as his captive At first he was rough to old Kinblarn, but in time Kinblarn was able to break through and actually start teaching Calbough about the ways of the world above about honor, chivalry and goodness.  Calbough had fantastic dreams about meeting these other races and becoming their mighty hero.  For even though Calbough was over 1,500 years old he had never had any intelligent interaction with anyone since his mother hence his mind was like a child concerning the ways of the mortal races.  And Kilblarn rightly or wrongly only talked about the good never the evil.  After years of them being companions Kinblarn knew his time was near its end and he felt sorry for Calbough he did not want to leave him all alone now, so he lead Calbough through his first changing teaching him how to make himself look like a man.  Now that Calbough could change shape he could leave the vault and Kinblarn provided him with the map he made on the way in that showed him how to get out!  One final thing he taught Calbough before he died was that he must never reveal himself as a Dragon to the mortal races because they wouldn’t understand his nature and might try to kill him as an evil thing.  On the morning after Kilblarn died Calbough took the form of a young dwarf and left the Deep Tolguth heading for the surface.  Calbough came up in a remote portion in Cheliax. He stumbled across a remote tower and after many weeks of observing the humans training, in sword and magic. Witnessing their camaraderie he decided to take the form of a young man and approach them. At first the group of monks were not very kind but one took the chance and decided to test Calbough and they found his skills to be to their liking. They could detect he was not ready for the true intentions of the organization who was actually a group of assassins devoted to Noticula. so they spun a story of how they are there to help humanity make order out of chaos in the world and offered to allow him to join them. Calbough not realizing them for what they were he gladly joined their band. They trained Calbough now a young human named Thanian Strix in the arts of assassination and wizardry even helping him bond a shadow familiar. This group sent Thanian on a mission to kill a noble lord for the “Good of the people” Thanian in stalking his prey learned much about the target and when it was determined the target was not evil but in fact good Thanian was disillusioned and returned to his “friends” and reported that the man was not evil but good his friends attacked him for his failure and Thanian barely escaped with his life and warred with the group for many years. Until a chance encounter with a group of adventures allowed him to enter Noticula’s realm and defeat her setting her cult back decades. He maintained a close friendship with the party teaching them some rune magic and occasionally trading and adventuring with them. Many years later when Absalom was under attack and Karis Trellorn and her Fearless Defenders showed up to help secure the city he joined with them and even now stays devoted to the current commander Estel Trellorn

Thanian Strix / Calbough

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