Tsuto Kaijitsu *Deceased*

Monk / Ranger


Race: Half Elf Died: 4707 AR
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green
Hometown: Sandpoint


The bastard child of Longiku Kaijitsu’s late wife and an unrevealed elf, Tsuto was enraged by his mother’s murder by his stepfather Longiku. He was abandoned by Longiku and raised instead by Sandpoints Priest Ezakien Tobyn this is where he met and fell in love with the aasimar Nualia. Together they left Sandpoint and vowed revenge on all the people that turned a blind eye to their torment. Together enlisted the aid of the local goblin tribes and launched a raid on Sandpoint during the Swallowtail festival on the 1st of Rova 4707 AR. Subsequently the half-elf and his forces attacked the Glassworks, massacred its workers and murdered Longiku. He was permanently dealt with by the party at Thistletop and during the clean up by the new owners he body was tossed into the sea.

Tsuto Kaijitsu *Deceased*

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