Race:Human Age: 38 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Class: Ninja Alignment: Neutral/Good
Hometown: Ramparassad

He cuts an unimposing figure small and lean though he does seem to move with an almost feral grace.


Born in Ramparassad in Tian xia. Takeshi grew up a happy go lucky fellow he worked in his fathers noodle shop and loved martial arts. He would spend his time at the shop eavesdropping on the customers gossip and often practiced moving silently among the tables so he could catch more than a hurried whisper. One day the Master of shadows approached him and recruited him to join the shadow school this allow Takeshi to combine the two things he loved eavesdropping and martial arts. After many years while on a information gathering mission he fell in love with his target a charming shop keep named Kiko and he broke his sacred vow and revealed himself to her they fell in love and when his master found out and sent an assassin to kill her Takeshi broke another vow and turned on his brother killing him and taking Kiko to the far side of the world where they could be together. Karis Trellorn overheard Kiko praying at a temple to Shelyn and approached her and offered to marry Kiko and Takeshi. After Takeshi and Kiko were married Takeshi swore himself to Karis and Shelyn. Karis wasted no time and he was teamed up with Twix to run the spy network for The Fearless Defenders


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