Sebastian Cross

King of Thron


Race: Human Age: Mid 30’s Thron.png
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Class: Machinesmith / Brawler

Average height but very athletic he exudes confidence and has a winning smile coupled with his disarming charm it is hard to say no to him


Orphaned at an early age Sebastian was raised with every privilege. After a time he became bored with torturing and scheming and decided to tour the countryside where he came upon some of Desna’s faithful who showed him the beauty of art and song.
Sebastian took up Desna’s cause and using his seemingly limitless funds spends his time as a vigilante know only as Wraith. After Raidriar Darwin used his command to free Dou-Bal from the clutches of Zon-Kuthon and free Nidal Sebastion being the largest land owner left alive after the great Kuthite purge takes up the mantle of King of Nidal.

Sebastian Cross

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