Ragnar the Red

"Who needs weapons when you have magic"


Name- Ragnar The Red

Age- 21

Class- Wizard

Height 6’5"

weight- 189lbs

Eyes- One Blue One Yellow

Hair- Brown


Ragnar the red was born into a simple farm family, one day the parents went to the god of birth Pharasma and asked for a young boy, the couple prayed for years on end until they gave up. They seemed to think that magic was the only way to have a child so the parents went to Nethys and asked for a young boy. Nethys responded and said that if you are to have a son i need something in return so the Mother offered her soul. Nethys graciously accepted but when t kid was given to them as a baby he was a cut above the rest and was a true one of the arcane. The child grew up wondering what of his mother, and learned that his mother gave her life to the God Nethys. This caused great conflict and Ragnar vowed an eternal hatred for nethys for taking his mother figure. He eventually joined the Qun Empire and was sent to the battle of Riverport. He then relayed word of the Loss to Legalass leaf green and Vlagroth along with an Orcish Buddy named Galdock Darktusk the two joined their service and are currently undercover at a Mayors Party.

Ragnar the Red

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