Shalelu Andosana (AKA Dark Lady)

Dark Ranger


Race:Elven Age: ??
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Class: Ranger Alignment: Neutral/Evil
Hometown: ?


Not much is known of the past of Shalelu beyond that she and Kitty were in league with Nualia Tobyn the Redeemed and stalked the party. Sometime later she confronted the party and assumed the form of a demon only to be laid low by Raidriar Darwin and her prized possession Kitty was claimed by Sylari Raethar Upon recovering from her near death she stalked down Sylari to try and recover kitty only to find her Body empty but preserved below the lady’s light. She claimed Sylari’s body pilfered coin and materials from Sandworks Imports and fled she is presently at large

Shalelu Andosana (AKA Dark Lady)

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