Phaerl Telnaras

Priestess of Shelyn


Race: Elven Age: 138 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair: Golden Eyes: Blue
Class: Cleric/Bard Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hometown: Iadara

Each step she takes is accompanied by the sound of tiny golden bells, Golden hair frames a beautiful face when her gaze chances upon you, you suddenly feel filled with love, warmth and acceptance.


Raised in Iadara Phaerl studied art, song and dance so it was natural that she was drawn to the worship of Shelyn. Phaerl is very famous among the Elven and her performances are always packed. One night after a performance she was approached by Iadara’s master alchemist to begged a favor he had a noble friend who would love to meet with her. Not wanting to disappoint such a noble she granted the request and met Karis Trellorn the pair spent the entire night and into the following day becoming fast friends and that is where the idea of The Fearless Defenders was born from that meeting. Much to the dismay of the Iadaran citizens Phaerl left with Karis and has been helping to lead the group since.

Phaerl Telnaras

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