Ozor the magnificent

Sorcerer Supreme for Shelyn


Race: Half Elven Age: 70 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair: White Eyes: Brown
Class: Sanctified Sorcerer Alignment: Neutral/Good
Hometown: Absalom

Dressed in brilliant blue his subtle flourishing movements seem to draw your gaze.


Ozor attended the prestigious College of Mysteries in Absalom when not studying he was composing musical arrangements or performing street magic. This always confounded his teachers they would tell him such things were beneath someone of his magical aptitude and he should be focusing more on expanding his magical powers. Power was never Ozors goal he left the scheming and power mongering to others all he cared for was brining joy and wonder to the people. Once his schooling was complete Ozor began to travel visiting many far off places until his journeys brought him to Magnimar when performing a impromptu magic show in the temple district he caught the eye of Phaerl who came over to watch the performance. Unknown to her Ozor instantly fell deeply in love with Phaerl. He began to sing a song to the crowd that was really meant for her. Phaerl was so impressed with his song and performance she invited him to join The Fearless Defenders he leaped at the chance to stay with her and hopefully one day gain her love.

Ozor the magnificent

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