Nualia Tobyn the Redeemed



Race: Aasimar Age: 32
Hair: Platinum Eyes: Sapphire
Class: Merciful Healer Alignment:N
Hometown: Sandpoint

Physical Description & Characteristics:Nualia is very beautiful, with platinum hair, sapphire eyes and nearly flawless skin when she enters a room attention naturally gravitates towards her. She moves with an uncommon grace and acts demurely. Causing most people to forget this is a woman who almost conquered Magnimar


Nualia Tobyn is the adopted daughter of Sandpoint’s former priest, Ezakien Tobyn. Townsfolk in Sandpoint recall Nualia as a woman of angelic beauty, with platinum locks. Her unearthly beauty gave her a reputation for being touched by the goddess Desna. Her touch or just being near her could cure minor ailments, they said, and a lock of her hair brewed with tea could give the gift of fertility, while the sound of her voice could drive out evil spirits. The constant attention made Nualia quiet, reserved, and shy. Other children reacted strongly to her, being jealous of her beauty and the attention from the townsfolk. Many taunted her cruelly. Nualia was presumed to have perished with her father in the mysterious fire that consumed the former Sandpoint Chapel in 4702 AR. Nualia found refuge from torment in the catacombs beneath Sandpoint this is where she succumbed to the whispers of Lamashtu and with her adopted brother / lover Tsuto concocted a plan to use the local goblins to attack sandpoint so she could get revenge on the people that hurt her along with recovering artifacts that would allow her to seize control of Magnimar. She led her force of mercenaries, demons and goblins in an attack on Sandpoint, then Magnimar in 4707 AR before being captured alive which resulted in her being redeemed. Afterwards she served at the temple of Iomedae in Bureem. When she completed one year of service Nualia then left to join the service of Irori and was last seen at the founding of a temple to Abadar in the new capital of Qadira called Far Reach

Nualia Tobyn the Redeemed

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