Emperor Malcom Holbrook

Emperor of Taldor


Race: Human/undead Age: 400 yearstaldor.jpg
Hair: White Eyes: Vibrant blue
Class:?? Allignment: Neutral
Hometown: Oppara

Physical Description & Characteristics:He radiates patience and calm giving the impression that whatever you say or do is something he already expected. There is a slight shade to his movement giving the impression that his soul is a little out of phase with his body. He is accompanied by two massive armored golums


Lord Holbrook was born in 4308 his family was in line for the throne of Taldor when his father was assassinated his mother took the family on the run and eventually ended up in Yled in Geb. Yled has a lots of schools that cover many undead studies after mastering necromancy Holbrook took up his own experiments and developed his own school of study in the afterlife. He eventually became headmaster of the Moratorium an esteemed school of Necromancy in Yled. After many years of planning he launched a campaign that fulfilled a life long goal to restore Taldors Natural bounty and take the Throne for himself bringing a new age of prosperity to Taldor. Holbrook has lead many successful campaigns extending the glory of Taldor he has liberated Galt from its petty infighting by adding it to the Taldorian Collective bringing much needed stability to the region. He has secured lucrative trade agreements with the Five Kings Mountains and in currently embroiled in battle with Quadira

Emperor Malcom Holbrook

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