Lars Finley

Attorney in Magnimar


Race: Human Age: early 50’s
Hair: White (balding) Eyes: Brown
Class:Magistrate Alignment:NG
Hometown: Magnimar

Physical Description & Characteristics: Slightly overweight he has a bulbous nose that reminds you of a practiced drunk. He has an air about him that he is somewhat lazy.


Born in Absalom Lars grew up in bureaucracy he learned at a young age working hard was not as fun as working smart he made a small fortune defending criminals then retired to Magnimar. He was a listing drunk for some time until the PC’s arrived on his doorstep putting some fire back into him.
At this point he works exclusively for the PC’s making sure their small trading empire does not run afoul of any legal issues. Lars lives in the Capital district of Magnimar his home is a 2 story home of modest size which he used to share with his mother his office is in the basement.

Lars Finley

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