Lance Dragonshot (deceased)

Bard Extraordinaire


Race: Human
Age: 18
Hair color: Black Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5.9 ft. Weight: 160 lbs.
Class: Bard
Place of birth: Nirmathas, Chernasardo


Lance Dragonshot was born out of the union of Cedric and Justina Dragonshot , in the region on the southwestern edge of the Fangwood known as Chernasardo in the country of Nirmathas. His mother died in his birth leaving him to be raised by his father, a hunter of game. Lance’s family is descended from a great dragon hunter out of Taldor, or so they believe, who was named Eric Ferndale before earning the title of Dragonshot. One day a band of troubadours had come by their homestead asking for refuge, Cedric accepted their plea and let them stay so that they may continue their journey through the forest. Lance was enamored with their acts and asked to be taught while they were staying, they said yes. Lance greedily consumed the knowledge given to him and the bards found that they were quickly running out of things to teach!

On the night of their departure, at the tender age of 15, Lance found himself restless, having a vision that he would change the world with his music, so he awoke, left his father a message of his departure and ran after the bard’s wagon, hearing a soft, but precise whisper in his ear saying “Go” as a small songbird flew past him leading the way. Lance found their wagon in the morning and they eagerly accepted him moving on towards Andoran.

When they arrived at their destination, Almas, the wagon stopped at a large stone building where beautiful music could be heard, the leader of the bards took him inside, meeting with a man that sat at a large well appointed desk, the Bard ushered the young man forward who was asked to play him a song. Lance sang a ballad about what happened on the fateful night of his departure, and was accepted, with a scholarship, to the Bardic college of Almas. For the next three years Lance studied at the institution and graduated with honors. Lance asked the headmaster where the bards that had found him had came from, the headmaster told him of Magnimar, The City of Monuments, so Lance set off to Magnimar to find his fortune.

After a week in Magnimar, Lance got into a drunken bar fight with an Orcish brute named Glorbash-Do-Chu, they were kicked out of the tavern and became fast friends. After their meeting they went off to the Pathfinder Lodge on Tol-Ivrengond for adventure and coin. After joining the society they accepted an adventure from a Lady Francesca Cuthbert of Darwins Landing, to clear out a burial mound in Thron (formerly Nidal) and retrieve its contents. Following a daring foray into the tomb the duo came out with coin abound and a mysterious chest bearing the mark of a seven pointed star. On the return trip to Darwin’s landing a mysterious Bugbear in a black cloak attacked their camp demanding the chest, Glorbash executed the assailant with a flash of steel and barbaric rage! The party later gave the chest to the Lady Cuthbert, reaped the rewards and proceeded to train in The Crucible.
Lance met his untimely demise trying to save Glorbash-Do-Chu from a trap in the Godsmouth

Lance Dragonshot (deceased)

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