Koru Sharpclaw


Race: Ursine Age: ??
Fur: White Eyes: Brown
Class: ?? Alignment: ??
Hometown: ??

Physical Description & Characteristics:11 Feet tall and covered with white fur. When he moves you can see under his fur he has runes tattooed onto his skin. He wears a suit of armor made from overlapping plates the armor has depiction of a great tree on the chest and the branches stretch through the arms and the roots stretch down through the legs. In between the branches there are Ursine playing on the branches or under the tree while more Ursine sleep in burrows protected by the roots. Across his back is a large Warhammer in a leather holder.


Upon arriving in Magnimar Koru befriended Maggie the owner of the Hole in the wall tavern. During his stay there his calm demeanor and helpful attitude helped him make friends with some of the locals. One night all of the sudden Koru was tipped off to an assasination attempt on Clara the daughter of Maggie by a beautiful priestess. The first attempt was made by a gnome who was turned into a red spot by a single smash of Koru’s mighty warhammer. Then hours later an Elf showed up to finish the task the Gnome had failed at. This Elf threw his dagger at Koru but he was much quicker than the Elf anticipated and deftly caught the blade and threw it back at the Elf burying it in his belly. The dagger being poisoned was killing the Elf but rather than run the Elf defiantly attempted to apply more poison to the dagger and finish the job. But the Elf was not as quick as he thought he was and accidentally double dosed himself with poison and slumped over dead. Koru took the body to the alley to finish the job by beating the corpse to a pulp before leaving it as a warning for any other Norgorber followers who would be foolish enough to come here again.

Koru Sharpclaw

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