King T'Chalek (AKA King Whisper)

Ruler of Bureem


Race:Sandperson Age: TimelessTorag.png
Hair: None Eyes: Black Onyx
Class: Sorcerer / Demigod Alignment:N
Hometown: Bureem

Physical Description & Characteristics:Whisper most often moves about as a torso of a man and where legs would be instead is a small swirling dust storm. He exudes authority and power. He wields a long staff topped with the symbol of his father Torag.


T’Chalek or Whisper as he became to be known was the first of his kind in this plane of existence. He was brought into this plane by a minor wizard named Margus quite by accident. Whisper upon being summoned though powerful enough to destroy Margus decided instead that this was a boon and he would instead befriend this wizard and see what he could learn about this new world. He found Margus to be a humble wizard and a good man, Whisper and Margus formed a friendship and traveled and researched magic together. Unknown to Margus Whisper had used his considerable power to extend Margus’s life far beyond what was natural. One day while out traveling Margus was murdered by the Runelord Xanderghul and a trap was laid for Whisper. Xanderghul’s binding trap was successful and thus began Whispers first thousand years of slavery. Whisper learned much about diplomancy and rulership while slave to Xanderghul. Xanderghul forced him to summon many of his kind to fight for him in the many petty wars that consumed the Runelords. After three thousand years Xanderghul disappeared and Whisper took the chance to flee spent the next two thousand years collecting his people and establishing a homeland in the desert. A chance encounter with a group of travelers opened Whispers mind to the thought that all people of this plane might not be evil and he formed a friendship with the group that allowed him to establish a kingdom in Varisia. Whisper has a wife and son.

King T'Chalek (AKA King Whisper)

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