Crazy old coot / Mapmaker


Race: Human Age:73
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Class:Scribe Alignment:??
Hometown: Darwins Landing

Physical Description & Characteristics:Aged and well worn face set with inquisitive and smiling brown eyes.


Karl was born in Nex to a average family he had some aptitude with writing and cartography he went to work with an wealthy pathfinder traveling all of Golarion mapping and exploring and going on adventures until a dalliance with a Kaptesh princess landed him in trouble even his master couldn’t get him out of his imprisonment ended with him being sold to a traveling Nidal lord with whom Karl traveled the darker side of Golarion with for years until finally the entered Nidal and Karl spent the remainder of his time in servitude translating, mapping and being randomly tortured until the great Kuthite purge. When he decided to take make his way to Darwins landing and see if he could start over. Karl met the group in Darwin’s landing and was able to help them with some of the magic artifacts they encountered. Though the group eluded to a business venture with him it ultimately didn’t happen.


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