Karis Trellorn

Herald of the God of Season


Race:Elven (formerly Thassalonian) Age: 12,154
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Lavender
Class: Alchemist Alignment: NG
Hometown: Tol-Ivrengond

Physical Description & Characteristics:Karis is the personification of Elven beauty. When applied most men find her charms nearly impossible to resist. Karis has a certain air of self confidence mixed with a form of detachment that often will leave some people feeling that she is cold or condescending. Karis is married to the God of Seasons Eldaron Trellorn.

Avatar Form: Karis sometimes adopts the form of a perfect doe who’s body reflect the current season. If it was winter she would appear made of permafrost and flawless ice, in summer she would appear with golden fur and flaming hooves. Spring she appears to be made from bark covered with fragrant flowers leaving a trail of new life with every step, in the fall she appears as she i made of bark covered by leaves of every color.


Before the fall Karis was Xin‘s chief alchemist she helped establish his empire and when he fell she was tasked with watching over the XXXX forge until the it could be reformed and Xin was brought back. Karis spent the next 10,000 years at her task constantly training and experimenting in alchemy she plumbed the darkest depths to the lightest crevices of her craft there is truly no equal on Golarion. A chance encounter with Eldaron Trellorn and his charm disarmed her and after much inner turmoil she decided she had dedicated a million lifetimes to Xin it is time to dedicate some time to herself. She abandoned her original task of guardian and instead sought to assist Eldaron Trellorn’s group to reform the Sihedron.
Karis though in love now had once again time on her hands but this time she had someone to share it with. Karis began in secret many projects some of which have come to fruition like the rebuilding of the Ire-span, completing the raising of Tol-Ivrengond and harnessing the power of the runewell she guarded for so long.

After an acceptable courtship Eldaron and Karis were wed it was a joyous occasion attended by there closest friends and quite a number of dignitaries.

Karis has developed her own trading network exporting unguents and alchemical concoctions she views the alchemists of this age as barbarians, her products being highly superior.

In the year 4709 her husband Eldaron entered the star stone trial and Karis carried on leading the Magnimar council in his absence. After 150 years it was determined Eldaron was not coming back she was voted out of the council and she devoted her time fully to leading the The Fearless Defenders in the fight against the Black Sun. 350 years later Magnimar voted to end the turmoil and join the Qun Karis worked in secret with the leaders of Magnimars military and she and her Fearless Defenders helped the warriors escape to Absalom determined to hold the city against the one day return of her beloved husband. Karis died in the taking of Absalom but her daughter Estel Trellorn vowed to hold the city until her Fathers return.

Eldaron did return in the year 5509 as the God of Seasons he was quick to restore Karis to life and name her his Herald. She now works at the side of her husband but keeps a watchful eye over their daughter.

Karis Trellorn

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