Jessop Macguffin

Warden of Shelyn


Race:Human Age: 55 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair: Red Eyes: Green
Class: Divine Hunter Alignment: Neutral/Good
Hometown: Sipplerose

Physical Description & Characteristics:Wild red hair and green eyes this man has a quick smile. Always accompanied by Pidge his faithful flying squirrel


It is not known where Jessop was born only that he was found when very young by Gnomes and brought to Sipplerose there he was raised with the wild gnomes and has unparalled knowledge of the forests of Varisia and all wild things in general. Jessop was drawn to serve Shelyn because of his love of the wild and the beauty of the forest he was the first to present himself to the Runelord of Love Karis Trellorn he was named Warden of Varisia and is one of the founding members of The Fearless Defenders

Jessop Macguffin

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