Legate of Black Sun


Race: Qun Age: 255 black_sun_logo_by_ztlawton-d622uas.png
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Dark Blue
Class: Unknown Alignment:
Hometown: Dusk


Fourth son of a minor lord of the Qun empire he was sent to learn the art of war at the tender age of 5. Iger having been identified as magically inclined was sent to study at the black school. Iger spent the next 125 years in relentless pursuit of magical and martial perfection. When he was elevated to Pretorian he names his company the black suns and spent the next 100 years carrying missions out for the Empire. Iger was rewarded by being raised to Legatus second only in power to Imperator Wren.

Imperator Wren has given Iger a task of securing for him a major demon lord.


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