Grand Master of Battle at The Crucible


Race: Dwarf Age: 80 Magnimar_Symbol.jpg
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown
Class: War Priest Alignment: CG
Hometown: Larrad

Physical Description & Characteristics:The sound of armor accompanies his every movement Hagar laughs long and loud.


Hagar was born in Larrad he took up the worship of Gorum he excelled at 2 hand weapon combat and was quick to make friends. He left the confines of Larrad to go out into the world and experience the joys of exploration and combat. He met up with a like minded group of adventurers they chased down a dragon and helped save Sandpoint from being over run by Goblins. The one evening while he lay in bed sleeping he was ruthlessly murdered by one of his boon companions Raidriar Darwin in a twisted sacrifice to a dark god. Upon death Hagar was welcomed into the realm of war where he rejoiced in combat fighting day and night all listening to the ring of steel and the screams of death only for it to be reset and have the glorious combat begin anew. At times he even fought at the side of Gorum learning all the god had to teach about battle. Hagar lost all concept of time in Gorum’s realm but one day Raidriar appeared in the melee along with his other friends he delighted in seeing his friends and he longed to watch the grand melee take Raidriar and lay him low he even thought to slay Raidriar himself but as he watched his friend and his worst enemy sing the song of battle he begun to understand Gorum like he had not before and though he felt anger at Raidriar still he saw Gorum’s purpose for him. When Raidriar asked forgiveness and asked Gorum for permission to restore Hagar to life. Gorum spoke to Hagar and asked him if he desired to return to combat on the mortal plane, asked him if he would bring his new skills to bear and teach new higher forms of battle to the mortals for Gorum had seen the future and if Hagar was willing it was glorious. Hagar agreed with all his heart so Gorum permitted Raidriar and group to take him away. Upon being restored to the living Raidriar made restitution to Hagar in the form of a home and armor and weapons this pleased Hagar. Then he was offered the position as Grand Master of Battle at The Crucible the newly established war college in Tol-Ivrengond Hagar teaches in the style of Gorum and his soldiers are starting to be known as the best in the inner sea.


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