Gregory Stillwell

Paladin for Sarenae


Race: Human Age: 102
Hair: None Eyes: Golden
Class: Paladin Alignment:G
Hometown: Oppara

Physical Description & Characteristics:Gregory inhabits a masterwork Golem body made of rare metals and forged by Master Engineer Daltros and Master Smith Raidriar he wears armor that glows with an inner flame and is covered in runes deifying Sarenrae. We wears a Scimitar on his hip as well as a shield emblazoned with the emblem of Sarenrae and Taldor


Gregory Stillwell lived his life as a knight then as a general defending the world against the horrors that erupted from the world wound. Gregory refused to give up his command until his final few years but even then he stayed close to the fighting. It was this dedication that lead to his being trapped on the material plane even after his mortal body passed Gregory refused to leave the war behind watching over fallen soldiers and trying to lead those that would listen to his sage advise. Gregory has always had some regret about not joining the world at large and righting some of the wrongs he knew where happening abroad while he clung to his post. Its this bitterness and longing for a greater purpose that drove him towards wanting a second chance so he took the offer to be housed In a Soul gem until such a time as they could find a suitable body for him. Gregory’s soul gem was acquired by Daltros and placed into a golem body crafted by him and Raidriar the body was crafted as a test given to Eldaron by none other than soon to be Emperor Holbrook Gregory was introduced to Emperor Holbrook and chose to remain with him Holbrook provided a suit of armor and armaments that paid homage to his patron deity Sarenrae. Gregory has been in his employ since.

Gregory Stillwell

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