Galdock Darktusk

Victory Through Strength


Race: Orc
Hair color: Black. Eye color: Red
Height: 7 ft. Weight: 370 lbs.
Age: 18
Class: Bloodrager (Steelblood), Abyssal
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Gorum
Favored Weapon: Great Sword

This large Orc seems unconcerned to matters not pertaining to battle in some way. He is a man of few words and usually lets his blade talk for him. Galdock relishes in combat, but not out of maliciousness, he just genuinely loves combat.


Galdock was born alone in the wilderness, abandoned he survived on his own until the age of 12 with his unnatural strength and hardiness. That year he discovered an Orc village in which upon entering killed the chief, instantly assuming leadership. For the next six years he led the Orcs in raids against other settlements, once the village was successful and didn’t have a need for battle he became bored and simply left without telling anybody.

Galdock Darktusk

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