Barbarian champion of Shelyn


Race: Orc Age: 108 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Class: Wild Rager Alignment: NG
Hometown: Deepgate

Physical Description & Characteristics:Dressed in fur and rough leather at 13 feet tall this Orc casts an imposing shadow


Born in Deepgate Fig got his name because he was the runt of his age group. Forged in battle Fig despite his size passed every challenge thrown at him. When he reached the age of 25 he went on his quest for manhood They have a choice of spending 5 years in the the wilds of Nar-Voth or taking upon them a quest of survival to head into the vaults of Orv and pray at a sacred Orcish shrine. Most Orc’s choose to serve the time and spend it as sell swords in Drow city’s or raiding the unsuspecting in Nar-Voth. But 2 years after Fig left he returned to Deepgate a huge specimen of an Orc he told the tale of his trip and swore that the vault that had not been seen in generations held not one shrine but infinite shrines to all the gods he choose a god to pray to and was granted awesome power and purpose. He would not tell his tribesmen which god. When it became time to retire for the night he approached the chieftains daughter Dura and told her that his love for her had compelled him to swear to Shelyn and she granted him this power and gave him purpose and if she would leave with him this night they would travel to Varisia and be married and start there new life together. Dura immediately accepted and the pair slipped out of Deepgate and into Varisia. Fig and Dura presented themselves to Karis Trellorn who wed them granted them land to own in Magnimar and Fig joined The Fearless Defenders


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