Eldaron Trellorn

High Lord of Magnimar & Runelord of Zeal


Master Druid ~ Mythic Hierophant ~ Loremaster ~ Runelord of Zeal

Race: High Elf
Age: 126 years
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Yuelral (Elven Goddess of Magic)

Eldaron stands slightly over six feet in height and carries a slender, but athletic frame. His hair is deep brown in color, which flows down to the bottom of his shoulder blades. Eldaron’s eyes cast a deep forest green color that project a subtle illumination from within. Tending to his devotion to the Druidic arts, he dons fine cloth robes that pay homage to the natural world, in the guise of elaborate runes and intricate filigree.


On the 18th day of Desnus, in the year of 4582 of the Absalom Reckoning (AR), Eldaron Trellorn was born to the plane of Golarion. Under the bow of an ancient and revered oak of the druidic Wildwood Lodge, the Isle of Arenway gained its next member of the community. Being the first child of Brailen and Aurella Trellorn, Eldaron’s parents wished for him to carry on their druidic tradition. For the next 25 years, Eldaron blended the adventure of childhood with a rigorous milieu among the hidden secrets of nature’s veil.

At the dawn of the Summer Solstice of 4607 AR, Eldaron attended the Wildwood Lodge’s annual Druidic Moot of Ages to accept his rite of passage into the Great Circle of the Old Faith. After seven days of focused preparation, he joined his fellow initiates and was inducted as a druid member of the Lodge. For the next 100 years, Eldaron abundantly contributed to his society’s mystic path and preservation of their ancient faith.

Although Eldaron thoroughly reveled within the activities of the Wildwood Lodge, he seldom ventured beyond the confines of his community’s borders. Having an increasing appetite to expand his druidic knowledge and apply it to the greater world, Eldaron sought out the blessing of the Wildwood Council to extend their influence, through himself, and experience nature’s bounty in new and strange lands beyond the edges of the Verduran Forest. Reluctantly, the council agreed after Eldaron ensured his continuing loyalty and affiliation to the Lodge.

For many decades, Eldaron had been fascinated with the origins of the First World, which was purportedly the genesis of the Fey and the early origins of the old magic of the natural world. Setting west on a well-traveled trade route through the Five Kings Mountains, he found himself in the realm of Molthune. His research led to a conclusion that one of the portals to the First World was guarded by a community of shamanic gnomes in the Backar Forest. After two weeks of searching and communing with the entities of the forest, Eldaron was fortunate to be accepted into the presence of a gnome village. After some time, and a great amount of subtle inquiries, the gnomes never acknowledged the existence of a portal to the First World. Exhausted and somewhat frustrated, Eldaron turned his focus onto broader prospects. He had very little experience with the urban elements of the world, so he continued further into the realm of Varisia to sample the humanoid societies.

In mid-spring of 4707 AR, Eldaron found comfort in the town of Sandpoint, on the western edge of Varisia. After settling into temporary lodging at the Rusty Dragon Inn, he made an adequate amount of coin supplying the locals with natural remedies and cures. It was not long before the community began to recognize and accept his presence among them.

After two weeks, on a gray and rainy morning, Eldaron descended from his room to partake in a modest breakfast. After eating a small amount, his gaze was broken from the falling rain outside, to a peculiar group of adventurers across the room. Among the group, there were two elven maidens, a human man, and a stout dwarf. He had not seen any other elves since his departure from the Wildwood Lodge, so Eldaron was highly motivated to speak to them. After another hour of observation, the group began to make motions to depart, so Eldaron gathered his nerve and approached their table. With a seemingly self-manufactured air of confidence, he greeted the two elven ladies in his native tongue. Noticing the perplexed look on the dwarf and human’s faces, he adjusted his greeting to the common tongue. Eldaron successfully navigated through the awkward encounter and created a hearty amount of levity through laugher and diplomacy.

After a short exchange among the four adventurers, Eldaron learned that they had recently assembled to explore the local area and begin realizing their goals and fortunes. The prospect of combining resources to further explore the world was enticing to Eldaron, so he made efforts to learn more about each individual. The two elves were first to reveal their backgrounds. Zenia Avenia had the most similar background to Eldaron, which was a ranger with great skill with a bow and also appreciated the natural world. Sylari Raerthar was a little more evasive with her past, but commented on her ability to bypass traps and locks and was able to easily navigate the more hidden venues of the world. Raidriar Darwin, the Human, was the pious member of the group, who proclaimed to be a Paladin to provide protection and earn a means to spread his God’s influence. Lastly, the Dwarf named Hagger was Raidriar’s quiet Cleric counterpart, who wished to hone his divine skills and better commune with his deity as well. After a well-extended breakfast, Eldaron convinced the group that his goals were aligned with their agendas and was accepted as the fifth member of the group.

Additional details regarding the group’s adventures can be found in the Adventure Logs.

~ ~ ~ Eldaron: Condensed Progression of Events ~ ~ ~

18 Desnus, 4582 AR ~ Elderon Trellorn born to Brailen and Aurella Trellorn in the druidic community of the Wildwood Lodge within the Verduran Forest, Realm of Taldor.
Summer Solstice, 4607 AR ~ Eldaron inducted as a member of The Old Faith at the Wildwood Lodge Moot of Ages.
Early spring, 4707 AR ~ With the blessing of the Wildwood Lodge Council, Eldaron departs the confines of the Verduran Forest to freely explore the world and develop his druidic knowledge.
Mid-spring, 4707 AR ~ Eldaron is inducted as the fifth member of the company of Zenia Avenia, Sylari Raerthar, Raidriar Darwin, and Haggar the Cleric at the Rusty Dragon Inn, Town of Sandpoint.
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Eldaron Trellorn

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