Duchess Calista Demarkay

Emperors hand of Taldor


Race: Human Age:36
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Class:?? Alignment: Nuetral
Hometown: Oppara

Physical Description & Characteristics:Average height and build if it wasn’t for her cold demeanor and ever present guardian she might just pass for normal. Always accompanied by Frederick Tomlinson


Born a peasant in Taldor. Calista always dreamed of being something more than what she was she hated how the expansive bureaucracy of Taldor kept the people down and themselves lifted above it all. She was determined to make something of herself when her powers started to manifest she immediately demanded she be tested and enrolled in Folstride the magus college in Taldor. There she excelled and impressed her professors. Her proficiency with necromancy caused one of her professors to refer her to Holbrook at the Mortuarium in Yled. Holbrook met with then recruited Calista as his personal apprentice. For 10 years he taught her Necromancy, Harrowing and Fencing. Calista raised Fredrick a boyhood friend that had died years before and turned him into a Blighted Graveknight. He is ever her companion. Calista’s final task as Holbrooks apprentice was to secure the captured soul of a powerful runelord. A task that took much time and resource. Now she servers as The Emperors Hand a powerul position in Taldor and well earned by her many years of service.

Duchess Calista Demarkay

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