Devon "Razer" McGanty

Captain Crystal Zephyr


Race: Human Age: 54 Magnimar_Symbol.jpg
Hair: Salt & Pepper Eyes: Green
Class: Pirate Lord Alignment: Neutral


Currently serving as Captain of the Crystal Zephyr
Devon the son of a Chelish fisherman Devon left home at the tender age of 8 to join the royal Chelaxian navy. At first he was rejected for being to young but he refused to accept defeat he smuggled himself aboard the Chelaxian Flagship Demon Soul two days out to sea he was discovered and brought before legendary Chelaxian sea Captain Bartholomew Roberts who after listening to Devon’s plea arranged a fight to the death between Devon and his current cabin boy with the victor getting the job. Devon defeated the boy twice his age and spent the next 10 years raiding and pillaging with the captain. When Roberts retired he put forward Devon for Captain. Devon not being a Demon worshiper was rejected by the Chelaxian leadership as unfit for command. When new orders arrived naming a different captain Devon rallied the men and took the Demon Soul spending the next 35 years raiding shipping lanes all over the world. On his 50th birthday Devon met his future wife and after a short courtship was married and started to think of retiring. 3 years later after his son was born Devon was a pirate lord in his own right controlling a flotilla of 35 ships and commanding almost 15,000 souls around the world. Devon broke up his empire and retired to a palatial estate to enjoy his family. Now a year later the sea had been calling his name but rather than go back to raiding he has taken a safer road and accepted a commission offered to him by his friend Twix to captain the Crystal Zephyr.

Devon "Razer" McGanty

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