The Destiny Bow


Species: Falcon Age: 2 years

The bow is a magnificent specimen of craftsmanship. The bow has had a few modifications and will glow from time to time as its runes pulse.


Nothing is know of Fengrin’s past beyond that he is Elven and when he came in contact with the Destiny bow his mind was consumed by the Soul of Pellax (who was the bows inhabitant at the time) Under Pellax’s control he spent spent many years in a prison known as “The Pit” when his mortal body was slain by the party of adventurers his soul took the place of Pellax’s and he has journeyed at Zenia’s side ever since. When Zenia perished at the hands of Avox, Fengrin was freed from the bow and Zenia took his place. Zenia overwhelmed the bows new master and took control of her body under this guise Zenia entered the star stone trial. When she appeared on Mythimna Zenia’s body was restored to her and the bow was left vacant. The spectral priest Veng was able to make the restoration of Zenia’s body permanent and remove a left over part of Darla’s consciousness and place it within the bow.


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