The Wheel Unbroken in Tol-Ivrengond


Race: Gnome Age: ??
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown
Class: Engineer
Hometown: Tol-Ivrengond (formerly Korvosa)
Business: The Wheel Unbroken

Physical Description & Characteristics:His clothing is fine but Daltros usually looks preoccupied or distracted. Prone to speaking quickly or missing social cue’s alot time his speech is very frank.


After studying many engineering disciplines he decided to finally focus on mechanical. As is common for Gnomes he left the city of his birth and traveled the world learning things as he went and eventually settled in Korvosa. He was there many years crafting and earning his reputation. A chance meeting with a party of adventurers eventually turned into a business opportunity with a newly forming artisan enclave known as Tol-Ivrengond after bartering a more than acceptable agreement Daltros turned his shop over to his primary assistant Whizzle (who renamed the shop Whizbangers) and move his shop The Wheel Unbroken to this new city. Daltros has received much renown thought out the inner sea region for both his fantastic inventions as well as for being known to take on any task for almost anyone.


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