Earl Haswell

Captain Whispering Thunder


Race: Human Age: 48
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Class: Sailor Alignment:G
Hometown: Magnimar (District)


Currently serving as Captain of the Whispering Thunder

Haswell spent the majority of his naval career in the Andorian Navy patrolling their sea lanes and fighting pirates. He was known for having a keen sense for danger and staying calm even in the heart of battle he was a very practical man and made his way through the ranks. After a few years as Captain he retired with his commission and took a sometimes safer but much more lucrative job with Sandworks Imports. His ship the Whispering wind was sunk in a naval battle where his whole crew perished. After the ship was restored it was improved with armor and Alkenstar cannons Captain Haswell has a burning desire to take the new ship down the shackles and exact his revenge.

Earl Haswell

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