Caladrel Telnaras

General of the Southern Legion


Race:Elven Age:210 Magnimar_Symbol.jpg
Hair:Golden Eyes:Green
Class:Blade Lord Alignment:LG

Physical Description & Characteristics:e moves with the grace of a dancer every step and gesture seems planned and delivered with maximum effect. His gaze is calculating but not unkind


The Telnaras are famous throughout Kyonin for their skill as vintners. It was predestined that he would pick up the family trade and keep making the highly sought after wine. Being the oldest son once he could walk his father involved him in all of the decisions and functions of making wine. It was this practice that found him in the city of Greengold one fine summer day, his father had brought him on a trade mission. The bright and colorful tents of a traveling circus caught his eye and he begged his father to take him. His father being unable to deny his son agreed and they spent a night in the stands eating sweet meats and chocolates while watching the exotic animals and acrobats perform. For the finale they brought out Quan Toda a famous swordsman from Tian xia. Caladrel was transfixed he watched the deadly artistry with rapt wonder it was from this point on he was devoted to becoming a master of the sword. His father did his best to convince him otherwise telling him that elves where not suited for the sword how could they fight toe to toe with an orc or dwarf Elves where made for the pike or the bow. Nothing would sway young Caladrel and once his brother was born he gave up his birthright and left for the Elven military. Once there he chaffed at the though of learning archery and constantly bickered with his instructors that one could be a swordsman without heavy armor or huge muscles. After a few years of this an instructor thought of the idea to send him to train instead with the Jinin of Tian Xia and with any luck he would just stay. Caladrel went and studied with his foreign brothers for over 100 years learning everything they would teach and when he returned to Kyonin his former teachers thought to test and humble him. During the annual festival where the elves celebrate their return to the surface they pitted him against the best warriors they had he handily defeated them all impressing Queen Telandia Edasseril she named him to the Phoenix Guard a group of warriors that work directly for the crown. He further spent another 70 years serving the interests of Kyonin. Until one night when his father suddenly came to him and told him his sister Phaerl has left Kyonin to help spread the word of Shelyn in the newly formed country of Magnimar he pleaded with his son to go and watch over his baby sister and to keep her safe. Caladrel agreed and resigned his commission and left for Magnimar. Once there Karis Trellorn convinced him that the best way for a man of his skills to keep his sister safe is to help secure the country for his sister. He agreed as long as he was stationed close to Deepholt so he could keep an eye on her. Karis agreed and arranged for Caladrel to join the current batch of recruits. Caladrel joined Hagar in training the troops and has quickly earned the admiration and respect of his future soldiers.

Caladrel Telnaras

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